Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas Time.. :)

Hello Boys and Girls, 

How are you? We have been very busy at school. We're getting closer to our Christmas celebrations and at school we have ongoing preparations for our school Concert, which will be held on Tuesday 20th! I encourage you carers to come and see your children who are doing their best to give an excellent performance. 

This week, our theme is Christmas and I have introduced the Christmas story to the children. In, Religion we talked about the birth of Jesus and saw a video. The kids liked the video and here is a link to see it at home too.

In Maths, we are revising counting in tens. Make sure that you revise really well from the Number Grid as some of you are getting confused. We also have started counting in tens backwards. In class, we were working on some sums and for homework as well. 

In English, we are revising some Plural rules. These are important so make sure you study them to remember them. We are working on a couple of examples in class and also for homework to help you revise further more. Don't forget that on Friday you have your test on the Plurals. You may also study from Tezor. 

Well, I hope you are preparing your Christmas decorations at home and helping your parents too! I just finished decorating my house today! Well, here is a song you can sing, it's about Christmas time. Enjoy!

Good night and take good care of yourselves!
Ms. Lorella x x