Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Out came the sun :)

 Hey Everyone,
I hope you're all doing well. Today, we had a busy day at school. We did some Religion and talked about Jesus' life and what he used to do, comparing it to our life too. In Maths, we revised on the x2 table for the last time and so we did some games too. Click here, to go to the game we played in class.

Later, we did some singing for the  Christmas Concert and then wrote about Christmas time in the journals. We will be doing some publishing of the sentences to put up on our School noticeboard. We also talked about the seasons. We played a game and sang a song too! The kids were excited to talk about the different seasons, and their favourite one! Here is a link to the video.

We had a Crafts lesson today, we did our Gingerbread men! We read the story on the Gingerbread man and then the kids made their own Gingerbread man! Some of you did not finish it all, so make sure you continue it at home and bring it with you in class!

Well, I have to go now! I'll see you all tomorrow morning!


Ms. Lorella x x

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A Rainy Day

Hello Girls and Boys, 

How was your day? Today, it rained all day and we stayed in class. We had a busy day and we started off the day with some Religion. Then, we revised the x2 table in Maths and worked a couple of sums too! I found another interesting game about the x2 table! Give it a try, by clicking here! Don't forget you also have work to do on Abacus, pg 33.

Later on, we did Maltese and worked on Il-Ġens tan-Nom. Fil-Femminil, normalment, inzidu a jew ja mal-kelma fil-Maskil. Ezempju: seftur - seftura. Ħarsu lejn it-Tezor għall-iktar ezempji. Don't forget the Hw on red copybook.  We also did some reading in both Maltese and English, however do not forget to read at Home too! 

Today, the students had a gymnastics exam too! I'm sure all of them were excited. Later on, we did some plurals revision and introduced the new learning key: words ending in 'y' will change to 'ies'. e.g. pony - ponies. You also have a worksheet for HW. Here is a game to help you in revising plurals, so click here!

I hope you enjoyed your day, at school! I'll see you tomorrow :) 

P.s. If you want to bring some Christmas decorations, you can!

Ms. Lorella x x